Video Dance


This is the ULTIMATE Audio/Video Dance!  Take EVERYTHING from Hurricane, then bump it up with way more lights, more lasers, more effects, an 14,000 watt sound system good for as many guests as you can pack the place with, and you’ve got a dance that will keep everyone talking!


The Huricane is an affordable add-on to the Cylcone that gives you one of the best light shows available adding in more intelligent lights, a bigger laser show and the latest LED effect lights!


The Cyclone is our basic Dance Package.  This package includes a massive 8,000 watt concert sound system, and a 20 foot section of club lighting.  This is a perfect beginner package that is great by itself or off the hook with a few of our add-ons

Make it your own with our ad-ons

More Speakers, Large screens, Tickets Posters, Promos, Ultimate Light Show, Dance stages, and more. Pick the package that you want for your dance and then go crazy with add-ons like dance themes or some of our amazing prize packs

Remix Production is offering great rates on all of our video dance packages.

About Remix

We have been in the industry for 20 years. We give you the peace of mind that your entertainment will be fantastic and the reassurance that your DJ understands your vision. Giving you the ultimate celebration to which all future events are measured against!